THOUGHTS: (Digital) Sketching as Design Thinking

At reform llc our design process is is nimble and ever-changing. It is reactive; as ideas emerge they are tested and either validated moving them forward to a next round of scrutiny or set aside for another opportunity to be studied.

This is a video from the vault during the early phases of our designs for the Accokeek Residence.  Notice the speed at which the plan is diagrammed (like the shorthand of a journalist jotting down essential messages) and followed with a clarification to the initial thought; honing it with improvements.  We like this video because it conveys the important of discovery in design; moving past the pre-conceived and towards the (un)intended discovery. Sketching (the translation of an idea to paper (in this case, iPad) via our hands) is an essential tool for reform, llc, not only in the discovery and honing of design ideas, but in the communication of those ideas to ourselves and our clients.

For more info on the Accokeek Residence, follow this link.

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