reform, llc is an architectural + design firm based in Washington, DC. Since the firm’s founding in 2006, we have provided a full range of architectural, interior, installation and furniture design services for a wide range of clients in the DC metro area and beyond. Our portfolio of award-winning designs illustrates our dedicated approach to each project and our commitment to each client.

reform, llc is a practice grounded in both the professional and academic realms. It capitalizes on this relationship in order to conceive of, design and create of unique spaces that elevate the experiences in which people live, work and play. It is our core belief that great architecture and design can have a tremendous impact on our lives and our communities.

Our design methodology involves attentively listening to our clients and asking poignant questions, followed by a period of rigorous research and information absorption – which ultimately yields a transformative and unique approach to each project. Partners Luis Boza and Matthew Geiss form a dynamic team that seeks to reframe each design challenge by developing thoughtful, inventive and responsible solutions relative to context, program and budget.

Our extensive experience in traditional and innovative methods of design and fabrication has instilled in us a belief that the key to any successful project is the sharing of knowledge and information across a large, diverse team from the earliest stages of conception through project completion. As such, our work is rooted as much in the process of materials and making as it is in the conceptual underpinnings or technical aspects of the project. Research, collaboration and production are fully-integrated with one another as a means of informing functional and unique design solutions.