We reform space…

Architecture frames and makes physical the space in which we live our lives. It has the power to choreograph our movements and behaviors. reform, llc strives to create places and spaces that enhance our experiences and allow people to become more aware of and fully-present in their surroundings.

We resolve problems into opportunities…

Design is the process of framing a problem and developing a solution. All design problems begin with numerous criteria, parameters and constraints. We thrive on resolving these constraints into thoughtful and functional relationships – creating new, not previously considered opportunities. At reform, llc, we are always searching for ways to turn potentially negative elements into positive attributes for our clients and their communities.

We (re)engage our Clients and Consultants

Whether creating a large new building or a renovating a small existing space, construction is a complex process which requires a large, diverse project team. Successful collaboration amongst the team allows the integration of expert knowledge at pivotal moments and inevitably leads to a more successful project. At reform, llc we listen, absorb, discern and re-present information in unique ways to our clients and consultants.

We reconsider how things are made…

Architecture is fundamentally about the act of making. reform, llc  relies on our foundational knowledge of existing construction means and methods, but we are also continually searching for opportunities to innovate through new technologies in design and construction as a means of providing additional quality and value to our clients.


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