Originally design by local DC architect Dickson Carroll, this modern Cleveland Park residence had fallen into disrepair and required substantial upgrades and modernization. A growing family with two small child commissioned reform, llc to redistribute the functional spaces to better work with their daily living routine.

The architects reconceived the three level house as a vertically organized series of spaces. The formal entry, located at the mid-level, became the formal living area and den and served as a distribution area to the sleeping area (upper level) and the informal living area (lower level). A connecting stairway topped by a large skylight links the lower and upper levels while flooding the interiors with natural light. On the upper level, the stairwell lets out into a small den / sitting area that connects the family’s three bedrooms. One large existing room, was split into two small sleeping spaces connected with a clear transom window that allows shared lighting between the two spaces. Two new bathroom and a laundry room were also provided at the upper level.