reform, llc was invited along with artist, Robert Kent Wilson to develop a mural in a prominent alleyway in the Golden Triangle area of Washington, DC. Since the installation would be more prominently viewed by passers-by on the oblique, we intentionally avoided the more obvious applications of flat, two-dimensional artwork. Instead, we developed a more dynamic, three-dimensional option that would activate the space and allow the viewer to interact with the surface from a variety of locations. Through a combination of angled aluminum pieces and applied colors we produced two conceptual images that are similar, yet with each communicating a unique message.

Our design would provide the viewer with a constantly changing view of bright colors with an occasional darker contrast color. Each panel serves as an individual pixel of a digitally manipulated image of a crowd, simplified into individual squares of color. With each color painted onto an angled surface, the end result will be a continually changing field of colors, each representing a person, business, or activity of the area and collectively communicating a sense of community.