Hollin Hills is a planned neighborhood which was developed by Robert Davenport and designed by renowned DC architect Charles Goodman in the 1940s. Each house was carefully placed on its lot so as to maximize views of nature and connection with the landscape but still maintain a sense of enclosure and privacy for the occupants. The community is considered by many as the epicenter of mid-century modern design in Washington DC.

Although the houses in the Hollin Hills neighborhood were innovative and forward thinking when they were built, as peoples lives and lifestyles changed, many of the houses were renovated over the past couple of decades. Many of these renovations have eroded the initial Goodman design to the point that they may be unrecognizable if the architect were able to visit them now.

For this project, reform was asked to envision a complete renovation of the home which would simultaneously preserve the original intent of the mid-century modern design, but also enhance the daily lives of its occupants. The kitchen addition from the 1970’s has been reconfigured to provide a direct connection between the interior and the adjacent exterior patio space. reform worked with landscape architect Moody Graham to find ways of continually enhancing the seamless transition of space between inside and outside.