reform, llc was commissioned by A2 Design, Inc to lead the effort in the design and fabrication of the public spaces of the College Board’s new headquarters in Reston, VA.

The intention of the design was to push the limitations of two dimensional milling (cutting from sheet material) in developing three dimensional form. Using traditional slat-wall construction, we were able to create topological surfaces from implied cuts of either plywood or mdf sheets. The result is a dynamic and interactive form which is influenced by the flow of people through and around the created objects and spaces. The slat walls serve to connect each of the public spaces on the first and second floors of the nine story office building, while also creating a clear and consistent brand identity for the new headquarters.

The slat wall also connects the public spaces to the upper office floors through the striation of the core (a key element of the overall project design). The desire of the client was to foster the development of communal spaces which would inspire creativity and employee interaction and in turn produce increasingly productive collaborations. The varied transparencies of the slat wall enhance and create opportunities for both private interactions as well as chance encounters throughout the space.